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About the soaps

All my soaps are based on as natural ingredients as possible. The main ingredient consists of coconut oil, and a large proportion of olive, rapeseed and / or sunflower oil. I also use as many natural or at least harmless color additives as possible. I am sometimes asked if I have soaps for sensitive skin - I use to say that to the extent that you react to the soaps, it may be the essential oils that I use to make them smell good. I always put myself well within the limit of what is recommended when I calculate the proportion of essential oils. Still, some may react to this, but ask me, then I can find a soap that does not contain oils that are known to produce reactions on sensitive skin.


I use shea butter in all my soaps, because I myself think it gives my skin moisture and it gives the soap pieces firmness. Beyond that, I promise nothing but that you will be good and pure of them.


I am as accurate as possible when I describe what the soaps are made of, but since they are handmade, it is difficult to define the exact relationship between the oils in the finished soaps. But they are at least free of many of the harmful toxins found in the soaps you buy in the store. And they smell good :-))!


The soaps weigh approx. 100 grams, a little over - a little below. Price is DKK 80, - pr. pcs, and then you get them nicely wrapped.

If they are to be sent by post, postage will be added.

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